From October 2020 divecomputer.eu is sold in the final version equiped with new NXP mainboard and NXP software.

Divecomputer.eu - NXP version
Divecomputer.eu - NXP version
DC wetcontacts

Divecomputer.eu will automatically switch on when submerged underwater. It is a function that detects the presence of water with wet contacts. They are placed on the plug of the battery and the metal cover of the pressure sensor. This solution reduces power consumption almost to 0 in sleep mode. New softwares also reduce number of reported bugs.

Everything you need on your wrist

Multifunctional dive computer for beginner and experienced divers.

Divecomputer.eu is a device designed for freedivers, divers doing recreational dives without mandatory decompression stops required, but also for open circuit technical divers using trimix gases, and for rebreather divers.

All of the computer modes are unblocked as default and available in the basic price.

Multifunctional dive computer

Key features

All of the below features of our multifunctional dive computer are available straight after the purchase for a standard price, there is no need to unlock or buy any add-ons.

Multifunctional dive computer - Apnea mode

Simple depth gauge and timer with one stopwatch.

Multifunctional dive computer - Extended gauge mode

Extended depth gauge and timer with four stopwatches.

Multifunctional dive computer - Open circuit recreational mode

Dive computer calculating decompression for Air and Nitrox gas mixes.

Multifunctional dive computer - Open circuit technical trimix mode

Advanced dive computer calculating decompression for Air, Nitrox and Trimix gas mixes.

Multifunctional dive computer - Closed circuit rebreather fixed setpoint mode

Advanced dive computer calculating decompression during a closed circuit rebreather dive with fixed PPO2 for Air and Trimix diluent gas mixes.

Multifunctional dive computer - Pure Buhlmann Mode

Mode dedicated for very experienced divers showing variable ceiling value based on Bühlmann tables.

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PCB mainboard of multifunctional dive computer

PCB mainboard

The heart of the system is the electronics board with ARM micro-controller and peripherals. 6-layer PCB board on which there are power supply converter, static RAM memory for logbooks and tissue information storage, digital compass with accelerometer, analog digital converters for external PPO2 readings, radio data transmission module and socket for TFT display connection.

Radio Data Trasmission

Communication of the dive computer with the outer environment is provided by the built-in radio data transmission module. Firmware upgrade is done with the use of software dedicated for Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.

Radio data transmission of the multifunctional dive computer

Standard AA battery

Divecomputer.eu is powered by standard alkaline AA user replaceable battery and has built-in real-time clock support enough to run up to 48h of work without the battery inside the computer.

Replacing the battery is easy due to the use of commonly used and widely available AA standard battery.

Power source of multifunctional dive computer

Graphic compass

with rotary animated needle

Graphic compass of multifunctional dive computer

Digital compass with possibility of locking the course, with full graphic presentation as in standard compasses used by divers.

Mechanical Design

Robust design made from polyacetal (delrin, POM) and stainless steel 316L. The whole was designed as 3D model and made on cnc machines.

Pressure sensor

Pressure sensor port

Made from stainless steel 316L provides very tight sealing of the pressure sensor and perfect thermal conductivity for accurate temperature measurements.

Piezo buttons

Piezo buttons

Placed perpendicularly to diver’s forearm, make it easy to manage the computer without unnecessary manoeuvring of the hand.

Delrin top glass frame

Delrin top glass frame

Prevents over scratching of the top glass and eliminates side reflections improving the screen’s readability.

Bungee mount points

Bungee mount points

Allow to mount the much preferred 5mm bungee cord and easily adjust computer’s position and tightness on hand.

Divelog Apps

Now our divecomputer.eu device supports following divelog apps:

User’s manual

Here you can get the user’s manual in pdf file in 2 languages: English and Polish.

Download (EN)
Pobierz (PL)
Customer support portal

Customer support portal

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History of firmware updates

Here you can view the full firmware updates history of divecomputer.eu device.

Check the updates history

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