Cumulative update manual

Important! To perform upgrades described below you need PC computer with Windows OS installed. Please do not try to upgrade your device using Windows Os running on any other device or virtual machine.

  1. Load new battery with a large amount of energy into the device.
  2. Turn on the dive computer in the “upgrade software” mode.
  3. Run the Bluetooth Upgrader application downloaded from our website on a PC.
  4. Click “Scan” button and wait until “Divecomputer” appears on the list.
  5. Click “Connect” button and wait until Windows shows dialog box with information about new connection established.
  6. Accept this connection and close Windows dialog box.
  7. In the Bluetooth Upgrader application choose “Software” and point a file containing “bootloader” in its name.
  8. Click “Upgrade” button.
  9. When the update software is loaded, press CONFIRM (right) button on dive computer.
  10. Dive computer will perform a bootloader upgrade from version 2 to version 3 and will wait for main software file.
  11. Open Bluetooth connections on Windows PC i remove “Divecomputer” device.
  12. Repeat steps from 3 to 6.
  13. In the Bluetooth Upgrader applacation choose software and point a file containing “software 3_2C” in its name
  14. Click “Upgrade” button
  15. Divecomputer will upgrade the firmware and will reboot loading the newest firmware version
  16. Go to the PPO2 setup and set:
    • show ppo2
    • min ppo2 = 0.18
    • max ppo2= 1.6